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Mega Resources for Computer Teachers 2011-2012

Curriculum/Lesson Plans


Professional Organizations

Online Technology Assessments




Computer History

  • Computer Chronicles From Stone to Silicon  "Welcome to Computer Chronicles: From Stone to Silicon. The voyage starts in about 3000 BC, with the invention of the abacus in ancient China. It proceeds through the development of vacuum tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, microprocessors and countless other inventions until the computer of today." Created by a team of three high school students for 1998 ThinkQuest competition, the site divides computer history into five annotated timelines.
  • ComputerHistory Museum 
  • Triumph of the NerdsNerds are not a recent phenomenon. It took many years and many nerds to get where we are today. Based on the PBS television special, Triumph of the Nerds explores the lives of the young men that created the personal computer revolution and "accidently changed the world." There's a timeline that traverses from abacus to Internet, stats and facts about five favorite nerds, and a fun "Can you Guess the Computer?" Shockwave game that lets you test your nerd quotient.
  • The Obsolete Computer MuseumWebmaster Tom Carlson has created an incredible resource for anyone who wants to remember the personal computers of yesteryear. He's collected digital photos, specs and the history of each model, no matter how obscure.
  • The Internet Celebrities Quiz
  • Computer History Channel on YouTube
Text Books

Training Videos and Support

  • 90+ Videos for Tech & Media Literacy

    Teacher Training Videos-- ...Russell Stannard, a lecturer at the University of Westminster (UK) has created a ton of training videos for many of the common educational technology tools; he covers Moodle, Twitter, Audacity, Wordpress, Jing, podcasting, and many more useful tools
  • Technology How-to Guides...John Larkin, an Australian educator and technology trainer, has collected all of his useful handouts on a single page. They cover everything from cables and connectors, storyboarding, how to set up a Flickr account and everything in-between! Take the time to learn something new this week with his practical material.  This is blocked by the proxyWoopid- ...hundreds of no-cost technology video tutorials dealing with both hardware and software; great for quickly learning a new skill (the site is ad-base
  • Electronic tutor helps accounting students


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