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Teacher of the Year


TCESC Superintendent Michael Hanshaw and TCESC Governing Board President Jeffrey Dreves made a special stop at Lakeview Elementary to recognize The Ohio Teacher of the Year, Miss Kmetz! Hanshaw and Dreves presented Kmetz with a proclamation commending her for her achievement in leading for educational excellence.

The TCESC Governing Board, Superintendent Hanshaw, Assistant Superintendent Robert Marino, and Treasurer Lori Simione signed the proclamation at the October 17th governing board meeting.

The proclamation read:
WHEREAS, Melissa Kmetz, a third-grade teacher at Lakeview Elementary, was recognized for her accomplishment of being named the 2023 Ohio State Teacher of the Year on September 27, 2022, by the Ohio Department of Education.

WHEREAS, The Ohio Teacher of the Year Award recognizes exceptional teachers statewide, celebrating their effective work in and outside the classroom since its inception in 1964.

WHEREAS, The Trumbull County Educational Service Center Governing Board and Superintendent Michael Hanshaw look forward to your continued educational achievements in pursuit of student achievement.

WHEREAS, Miss Kmetz's daily dedication and commitment to her students is a prime example of Leading for Educational Excellence.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Trumbull County Educational Service Center hereby celebrates Miss Kmetz as the Ohio Teacher of the Year and congratulates her for the impact she has had on students in Trumbull County.


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