Trumbull County ESC News Article

Soaring Into Literacy

Megan AIM

The Trumbull County ESC continued "Soaring into Structured Literacy," hosting over 230 teachers' on Thursday, November 3rd, in person at the Grand Resort in Howland alongside AIM Institute for Learning & Research. This was the second session for our first group as the TCESC works to train all K-3 teachers for the rollout of the state-required literacy professional development as stated in HB 436: Ohio's Dyslexia Support Laws.  

"Working with Trumbull County has been one of the highlights of my year because these educators are coming to us with the energy and enthusiasm to do more. We are seeing this push, especially with Trumbull County, which we do not see from other counties or states. We're seeing this need and persistence to make it right for our kids," Megan Gierka, Sr Content Developer with AIM Institute for Learning.

"Quite honestly, it is hard to get everyone from a school together, a district together, let alone a county; these participants are engaged and eager to learn. For us, it's motivating, rejuvenating, and exciting because our goal is to be an impactful partner with everyone we work with," Dr. Ernesto Ortiz, Jr., Senior Literacy Engagement Specialist at AIM.

Through Extended Learning Grant Funds, the TCESC partnered with the AIM Institute for Learning & Research to provide all K-3 teachers, administrators, and support staff with the mandatory 18-hour training.

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