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2025 Ohio Teacher of the Year
More than an award, the Ohio Teacher of the Year program offers a way for schools and community
members to elevate the teaching profession and recognize exceptional teachers as leaders
advocating for student success and public education.
All nominees will receive an official Ohio Teacher of the Year Nomination Certificate, a copy of their
nomination, and an invitation to apply to the Ohio Teacher of the Year program.
Candidates who apply must:
  • hold a valid Ohio Professional Teaching License.
  • be currently completing their tenth year or more of teaching.
  • be employed full-time in a state-approved public school, community school, or career-technical center.
  • work directly with students at least 50 percent of their contracted time.
  • have received no previous Ohio Teacher of the Year recognition, and,
  • plan to continue in active teaching status.  
Did you know? Each of Ohio’s 11 State Board Districts will select one teacher to be recognized as
their State Board District Teacher of the Year and candidate for Ohio Teacher of the Year. This
State Board District Teachers of the Year cohort will have opportunities to engage in professional
learning and networking statewide. The Ohio Teacher of the Year will also apply as a candidate for
the National Teacher of the Year and participate in professional activities as part of the national
cohort of State Teachers of the Year.
It all starts with you! Anyone may submit a nomination. School administrators, colleagues,
community members, parents or students may nominate one or multiple teachers from a district or
school building. (Self-nominations are not accepted)
To nominate a teacher, visit the Ohio Teacher of the Year webpage.
Please email Angela Dicke, Ohio Teacher of the Year Coordinator, with any questions.