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Back Protection Tips

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Back Protection Tips

It is important to use your back properly throughout the day. Your back has normal curves that should be maintained at all times.

To protect your back, you need to lock in the curves of the low back and utilize the strong back muscles. This reduces disc pressure and protects the discs between the vertebrae. It also protects thin back ligaments from injury. When locking in your low back, it appears as if you are protruding your buttocks. Your head and shoulders should be held high while your hips and knees should be bent. Weight lifters are experts at locking in their backs.
  • When lifting and moving an object, do not twist your back. Instead move your feet in the desired direction and then follow with the rest of your body.
  • Carry objects close to and against your body if possible. This keeps the weight close to your body’s center of gravity so your muscles do not have to work harder than necessary. Carrying objects too far away from your body often results in rounding of the upper back and shoulder girdle, which strains back structures.
  • Sitting can be strenuous on your back. When sitting, maintain the normal lumbar curve of your low back. If you sit without proper back support, your back muscles work to keep you upright. This causes fatigue and slouching, which may lead to injury.
  • If you use your back and leg muscles properly, you will strengthen them and protect your spine.

TCESC’s Physical Therapy Department is available to present the American Back School program. The program can be tailored to meet the needs of any staff member or program. It may include a slide presentation, proper lift demonstration and training complete with pre and posttests. Contact the OT/PT department at (330) 505-2800, extension 125 or 175.

Source: The American Back School, P.O. Box 1193, Ashland, KY 41105-1193

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Susan Shutrump, supervisor, at 330-505-2800 ext. 143 or

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