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Master Teacher

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Master Teacher
TCESC conducts the master teacher application process for Trumbull County. The application process, outlined by ODE, involves writing a narrative that addresses the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and providing pieces of evidence to support the narrative. The ODE application process details many specifications such as page limitations on the narrative. It also provides a rubric that is used for scoring the application. 

All master teacher applications are completed and submitted electronically via a PDF document.

Individuals interested in pursuing the designation should view the full overview of the master teacher program on the ODE website. The link is in the blue box at right.

Master Teacher Definition
A master teacher demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning. A master teacher strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified by The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. 

Requirements at a Glance
To be eligible to complete the master teacher application process, a teacher must:

  • Hold a Professional Teaching License/Certificate.
  • Have taught a minimum of 7 years.
  • Work a minimum of 120 days.
  • Work under a teaching contract.

Application Instructions
TCESC coordinates the master teacher designation application process for all Trumbull County school districts. To apply for the master teacher designation, an individual must:

  • Contact Carlotta Sheets at [email protected] or 330-505-2800 ext. 124 to discuss a timetable for application and completion. Applicants may submit at any time.
  • Complete the Master Teacher application process application electronically. 
  • TCESC recommends that each applicant make a hard copy of the application and maintain it in a binder for future reference. 
  • Applicants will submit the entire application in one PDF. This PDF should include the Master Teacher Checklist on page one followed by the Master Teacher Application/Narrative page followed by the narrative, which is not to exceed 12 pages. Evidence may also be included in this submission.  The PDF should be clearly marked with a title in the following format: FullName Master Teacher Submission Date
  • The applications and all necessary forms are all available on the ODE website in PDF format. This format does allow you to type in the document. You may type your personal information in the document and save it to your computer. You may find it necessary to print some forms and your narrative and then scan everything together as one document.
  • When you have completed the application process, please submit to [email protected] who will facilitate the reading and scoring process.

Narrative Formatting  Instructions
All applicants must follow these formatting instructions. Applications that do not comply with the formatting instructions will not be read. 

  • All narratives must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point type, and be double spaced.
  • New paragraphs should be indented.
  • Pages should be numbered in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • The top of each page of the narrative should include the following items: the applicant's name; the criteria letter and title; and a list of evidence provided.

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