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Administrative Team

Trumbull County ESC Administrative Team
Michael Hanshaw
Michael Hanshaw, M. Ed., Superintendent
The superintendent is employed directly by the governing board and serves as the organization’s chief executive officer. The members of the administrative team, with the exception of the treasurer, report directly to the superintendent. The superintendent maintains responsibility for the entire TCESC and represents Trumbull County in many state education organizations. 
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Stacy Foster, Treasurer
The treasurer is employed directly by the governing board and serves as the organization’s chief financial officer. The TCESC treasurer provides monthly county treasurer meetings, a yearly conference, and ongoing professional development for county treasurers. The TCESC treasurer provides numerous services including budget preparation; development of appropriations; forecasting; and fiscal analysis. The treasurer also serves as interim treasurer on a short-term basis for Trumbull County districts in need of a treasurer.
Trumbull County Educational Service Center serves as fiscal agent for:
      -Trumbull County Insurance Consortium
      -Trumbull County Transportation Consortium
      -Other Grants
Robert Marino
Robert Marino Jr., Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent,Curriculum and Instruction
The assistant superintendent maintains responsibility for the department of administrative leadership and human resources. Primary areas of responsibility are: policy and guideline development; administrative conference; administrative academy and professional development; community and university outreach; interdepartmental integration; grants; and other special projects. The assistant superintendent also maintains responsibility for all association/personnel relations and negotiations; TCESC internal operations; TCESC professional development and evaluations; the central office support staff; and the TCESC facility. The assistant superintendent also oversees curriculum and instruction services and STEAM services. Responsibilities include: professional learning including administrative and teacher programs, student achievement initiatives and data analysis; home schooling; gifted and talented programs; special education pedagogies, curriculum/technology integration; technology training. Contact [email protected]
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Michelle Tul, Director of Pupil Services  
The director of pupil services is responsible for TCESC’s entire special education program, including preschool, developmentally disabled, learning disabled, hearing handicapped, multi-handicapped, severe behavior handicapped, and autism. The director of pupil services also is responsible for related services such as adaptive physical education, audiology, psychology, speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and work-study.  Other primary areas of responsibility include ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations, maintaining staff development programs, and participating in community outreach activities. 

Contact: [email protected]

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Carlotta Sheets, Supervisor, Department of Human Resources
The supervisor of human resources is responsible for managing the human resources department. Specific human resources responsibilities include: employee orientation, employee handbook, directories, job postings/new hires, background checks, substitute credentialing, licensure, employment services and resources, compliance, Highly Qualified Teachers and paraprofessionals, Resident Educator Program and Master Teacher Program.
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Chris Hubinsky, Supervisor, Department of Technology
The supervisor of technology is responsible for managing technology department to integrate technology into the classroom effectively to better each student's educational experience and opportunities while increasing business productivity and reducing operational costs. The Technology Department is responsible for the network infrastructure, device inventory, and system maintenance of devices at the central office and TCESC classrooms throughout Trumbull County schools. Additionally, the technology department provides technical support and training to TCESC staff members and regularly scheduled meetings for the Trumbull County Technology Coordinators. The technology department assists districts in the following areas: E-Rate and technical training, technical staffing services, project planning and implementation, troubleshooting of network and server operation,recommendations for hardware and software,  device maintenance and lifecycle management.

Compliance Officers

Robert Marino Jr., Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent 

330-505-2800 Ext. 275 

[email protected]


Michelle Tul, Director of Pupil Services

(330) 505-2800 Ext 133

[email protected]


Carlotta Sheets, Supervisor of Human Resources

(330) 505-2800 Ext: 124

[email protected]