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Visual Impairment Services

Visual Impairment Services

A Teacher of students with visual impairments is a licensed professional with expertise and training in evaluations and management of addressing visual functioning concerns.
TVI’s Teachers of the Visually Impaired provide direct instruction and consult services for students in Trumbull County aged 3-22, PK- graduation/post-graduation.
Vision Services include:
- Multisensory evaluations of visual functioning and visual efficiency. These evaluations include students with visual impairments ranging from blind legally blind, low vision, and cortical visual impairments. Often the evaluations are part of a referral for an initial multifactored evaluation for children to begin formal schooling, including assessments from other providers such as Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and the school psychologist.
- Parent and Teacher education regarding visual Impairments and their impact on learning, including access to the curriculum and environment.
- Recommendations of optical aids that may be needed. Assistive technology, both low and high tech.
EX: Low-tech magnifiers, writing templates, adapted paper for low vision, colored overlays, and inclined reading and writing stands.
EX: High-tech CCTV, video magnifiers, software applications, and a Brailler.
- Instruction for students and staff on the usage of visual tools.
- Recommendations of accommodations related to specific impairments to meet the needs of the students.
EX: preferred seating, enlargement of materials, visual breaks, extended time for activities/tasks.

The following is a List of some of the assessment and evaluation procedures that are used within the Vision Program
- Diagnostic Assessment Procedure
- The Oregon Project for Visually Impaired and Blind Preschool Children
- Visual Efficiency Scale from The American Printing House for the Blind editor Natalie C. Barraga
- Low Vision Observation Checklist
- Functional Vision and Media Assessment 4th Edition observations, interviews, and checklists, including the New T kit.
- Functional Vision Evaluation Checklists for Preverbal and Nonverbal Children
- Cady Functional Vision Evaluation Checklist Protocol
- The CVI Range and CVI resolution charts by Christine Roman.
We also have constructed specific kits to use when evaluating students. These kits are available to assess younger and older students as well as students with varied levels of cognitive ability.

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Notify your child's district f you have concerns or questions related to your child's visual functioning. 

The referral for an evaluation will go through your district and be sent to the TCESC.  

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