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Family and Community Engagement

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Family and Community Egagement

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center promotes the health and wellness of our students and families. Our goal is to promote and foster genuine relationships with families that support the overall family well-being and children’s healthy development. Our goal at the TCESC is based on the idea that parents and others who care for their children work together to prepare children for success.

As the Family and Community Partnership Liaison, for the Trumbull County Educational Service Center, I am committed to ensuring that vulnerable populations have access to the most appropriate and available resources. I work alongside schools, district staff, service providers, and families to support their efforts to address/overcome the barriers that exist in accessing meaningful support. I manage a process at the local level that focuses on students and youth who are homeless and/or in foster care.  This process is designed to facilitate the collaborative identification of opportunities to enhance our systems to meet students' and families’ needs more effectively and efficiently. I serve as a conduit of information and technical knowledge and am uniquely positioned to amplify students/families’ needs, information about how to access existing resources, and opportunities to fill resource gaps to support the achievement of the outcomes important to the students, families, and education professionals in our community.


Kind regards,
Denise Holloway

Prevention Updates 
HB 123: Safety and Violence Education Students (SAVE Students) Act 
Requirements for Safety and Violence Prevention in Ohio Schools
The SAVE Students Act supports Ohio’s strategic plan for education, Each Child, Our Future, which recommends the adoption of a whole child model of education. Ohio’s Whole Child Framework places the child at the center with the support of the district, school, family and community. A comprehensive approach includes meeting the physical and emotional safety of both students and educators. When implemented together, prevention curriculum, peer-led clubs, emergency management plans and threat assessments can create safe and caring learning and working environments for all. 

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Contact Information

Denise Holloway 
Supervisor, Curriculum & Instruction
Family and Community Partnership Liaison
Phone: 330-505-2818

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