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What is LPDC?

The Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) is a committee that has the authority to approve your license for renewal. This includes the authority to approve or not approve any professional development, which could include continuing education units (CEUs) and or university credit.

How does the LPDC impact me?

  • To renew an educator license with the Ohio Department of Education, you must have the approval of the  LPDC.
  • Educators are responsible for working with their Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) and for ensuring that their requirements for maintaining a certificate and/or license are met.
  • TCESC’s Human Resources Department will assist you; however, it is solely your responsibility to track your professional development activities and all your certificate/license expiration dates.  


What is the process for license renewals?

  1. Write an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) that is effective immediately following the issue date on your last license. The LPDC cannot approve any professional development without an IPDP on file. 

  2. Submit copies of professional development workshop certificates or college transcripts with the appropriate cover sheet to the LPDC. Submissions should be made on a regular basis as the workshops are completed. 

  3. Submit the license renewal application online before the expiration date of your license. You must have completed the required professional development and have had it approved by LPDC before you can submit the renewal application to ODE.

Step 1: Write an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) 

Ohio law requires all educators to write an IPDP. Educators must submit a new IPDP every five years when a new license is issued.


Step 2: Approving Professional Development (Transcripts and Continuing Education Units)

After completion of the IPDP, an educator can begin accumulating college credit and/or workshop contact hours to renew a license.

Educators should submit professional development hours as they accrue them. Educators should not wait until license renewal time to submit hours. 

Each submission should include:

  • The completed form -- either Workshop Continuing Educational Units: Educator Request for Approval form or Transcript Approval from. The form is available on the right side of this page.

  • A copy of the certificate from the professional development session or an original transcript.

  • A copy of the agenda from the professional development session. This is not required if the session is conducted by TCESC.

The LPDC will review the professional development at its next scheduled meeting.

Step 3: Renewal Requirements & Application Process  

When it is time to renew a license, the educator must submit the online application to ODE using the ODE CORE system. Before submitting the application, the educator should contact the HR office to ensure that all the professional development being used to renew the license has been approved by the LPDC. 

  • To renew using semester hours, you must submit transcripts from an accredited college or university showing 6 semester hours.

  • To renew using CEUs, you must submit verification of completion of 18 CEUs or 180 clock hours. These CEUs must be approved by the LPDC before the license can be renewed.

  • To renew using both semester hours and CEUs, you must have a combination of semester hours and CEUs that equal 6 semester hours or 18 CEUs. A conversion chart is available under the LPDC Resources section of this webpage to assist you with doing the conversion of CEUs to semester hours.

It’s simple to write an IPDP. The IPDP form is available in Frontline Central. You can search for it using the term LPDC in the Forms I Can Start section. The form requires you to select one pre-written goal. You can also write two goals specific to your professional development plans. Remember, that these goals will be used for all professional development for the next five years. 

LPDC Forms


IPDP is available in Frontline Central, Forms I Can Start, search LPDC
Use when submitting transcripts to renew a license.
Use when submitting certificates of participation in a workshop.
Stay on track with requirements.
Activities other than workshops and college credit that may be considered for contact hours.
Use if requesting hours for a preapproved activity.
Use to document hours/activities for a preapproved activity.
Use to transfer approved PD hours from one school district to another.

LPDC Resources

Meeting Dates

June 5, 2024