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Technology Department

The technology department is to integrate technology into the classroom effectively to better each student's educational experience and opportunities while increasing business productivity and reducing operational costs.

The Technology Department is responsible for the network infrastructure, device inventory, and system maintenance of devices at the central office and the 57 TCESC classrooms throughout Trumbull County schools. Additionally, the technology department provides technical support and training to TCESC staff members and regularly scheduled meetings for the Trumbull County Technology Coordinators.

The technology department assists districts in the following areas:
    E-Rate and technical training
    Technical staffing services
    Troubleshooting of network and server operation
    Project planning and implementation
    Recommendations for hardware and software purchasing.
    Device maintenance and lifecycle management.

[email protected]

Technology Department Staff
Chris Hubinsky
Technology Administrator
Phone: 330-505-2800 ext. 221
Justin Metheny
~ supporting the TCESC central office staff, Pupil Services department staff and TCESC classrooms
Phone: 330-505-2800 ext. 168
David Goldberg
~ supporting the Champion Local School District
Randy McCrystal
Technology Coordinator
~ supporting the Weathersfield Local School District
Rodney Reiner
Technology Coordinator
~ supporting the Lordstown Local School District
Steve Rudge
Technology Coordinator
~ supporting the Southington Local School District
~ supporting the Mathews Local School District
Brendan Stoneburner
~ supporting the Hubbard Exempted Village School District
Jeff Studer
Technology Coordinator
~ supporting the McDonald Local School District

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