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JOINT STATEMENT: March 1, 2019 

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center Business Advisory Council represents 19 partnering public school districts in Trumbull County:

Bloomfield-Mespo Local; Bristol Local; Champion Local; Girard City; Howland Local; Hubbard Exempted Village; Joseph Badger Local; Labrae Local; Lakeview Local; Liberty Local; Lordstown Local; Maplewood Local; Mathews Local; McDonald Local; Newton Falls Exempted Village; Niles City; Southington Local; Trumbull Career and Technical Center; and Weathersfield Local.  

The purpose of the TCESC Business Advisory Council is to integrate education, business and organization sectors that are committed to building a strong, long-lasting and resilient workforce and community.

MISSION: To provide support and insight into the educational and financial issues that face high-performing school districts. 

The TCESC Business Advisory Council is dedicated to providing networking opportunities for educators, students, and business and community leaders to work together to create programs and opportunities designed to meet the council's goals. 


  • Strengthen the relationship between business and education;
  • Encourage cost-saving initiatives while maintaining a high standard of educational excellence;
  • Explore ways to increase funding to schools;
  • Enhance the quality of life in Trumbull County. 


  • Assisting the TCESC Governing Board in determining whether its curriculum is appropriate and adequate for ensuring that students can enter the labor force with knowledge, attitudes and skills employers deem are relevant; 
  • Providing recommendations on changes in the economy and job market, types of employment in which future jobs are most likely to be available and suggestions for developing working relationship among business, labor and educational leaders within Trumbull County;   
  • Developing, per the Superintendent, administrative guidelines that will ensure the time and efforts of the Council and those of the professional staff are used properly to accomplish these educational outcomes and provide for a continued, strong working relationship among the Trumbull County Educational Service Center, aligned districts, the Council, and the larger community of employers.


TCESC BAC over the past year has provided the following opportunities to students in Trumbull County:

  • Participating in the Community Connectors Program brings together students parents, schools and businesses organizations to form mentoring program opportunities;
  • Facilitating a field trip to Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics for district superintendents and school counselors; 
  • Collaborating with Junior Achivement of Mahoning Valley's "Inspire" program for grades 7 and 8; 
  • Facilitating Job Readiness Skills and Programs, designed for interested students ages 14 to 18, that focus on teaching and devloping employability skill sets; 
  • Hosting a two-day AT&T Job Fair and Exploration Program;
  • Partnering with Youngstown State University Innovation Center and local businesses for a one-day career-building event;
  • Partnering with TBEIC (Tech Belt Innovation Energy Center) in Warren.  

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