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Michael Hanshaw
Superintendent's Message

TCESC specializes in providing educational leadership and instruction to meet the diverse needs of 20 Trumbull County school districts. We continually dedicate our efforts to providing high-quality and cost-effective services for each of our districts.

Collaboration is the foundation of our work. TCESC provides access to professional and educational services that would be unaffordable to many school districts on an individual basis.  Through our cooperative programs, our school district customers have access to services from more than 250 employees, including curriculum specialists, special education consultants, speech pathologists, psychologists, special education teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, gifted consultants, and educational aides to name a few. 

 As a visionary leader in education, TCESC constantly strives to embrace the changes educators face to ensure that Trumbull County students are prepared to enter the world with 21st-century skills. The TCESC staff works daily to build the best educational community possible in Trumbull County. 

 In this era of decreasing funding and increasing mandates, TCESC remains committed to serving our districts and leading for educational excellence. In order to remain an educational leader, we constantly evaluate our service, create collaborative ventures and explore new opportunities that will assist our school districts. No matter what obstacle we face, TCESC will work in conjunction with our customer school districts to provide programs that promote the highest level of learning for children in Trumbull County.

Michael Hanshaw
Superintendent, TCESC