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ESC Employees

The curriculum & instruction department provides high-quality support to school districts and educational entities through various services. Our supervisors are available to meet the needs of individual school districts as they work to improve student achievement, including collecting and analyzing data and modeling and promoting best practices to improve student achievement. They also provide services to integrate technology into all curricular areas, enhance technological skills, and improve student motivation in the STEAM fields and to the following but not limited to: 

  • Support school districts with instructional strategies and resources.
  • Assisting school districts with individual curriculum needs, including alignment, mapping, and assessment techniques.
  • Creating instructional strategies to meet the needs of students at all learning levels.
  • Presenting on various topics at building staff and/or parent meetings.  
  • Provide professional development for teachers and administrators.
  • Modeling lessons in the classrooms.
  • Preparing for achievement tests, diagnostics, and Ohio’s testing requirements.
  • Integrating technology into the curriculum.
  • Assisting school districts with developing, implementing, and evaluating district, building, and department plans.
  • Promoting high-quality education initiatives.
  • Assisting districts in the analysis of educational data.
  • Supporting student programs such as Prep Bowl, Civic Day, Art Show, Drone Racing League, and the STEAM Program.
    Resources for Administrator:

Robert Marino Jr., Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent