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Early Childhood

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Early Childhood Program 

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center oversees the evaluation process and the delivery of services to preschool children in the Trumbull County area. Our staff of preschool teachers, psychologists and therapists work together to serve preschool children with special needs as well as typically developing children within a school setting. In order to deliver high-quality services to all children, our teaching staff holds licenses from the Ohio Department of Education in both early childhood and special education.
TCESC provides preschool special education services in both center-based classrooms and itinerant services. Preschool classrooms are located in public school buildings throughout Trumbull County.  Our classrooms provide high-quality early childhood education for both special needs children and typically developing children. Our itinerant teacher serves children in community preschools such as Head Start and privately-owned centers.
All young children are unique individuals who are born ready to learn. The relationships children form are influential, as the interactions they have with teachers and other school personnel greatly affect learning. Env
ironments matter since the classroom community, classroom arrangement, and material available support learning. Our young learners have a variety of experiences designed to help all of them enter kindergarten ready for success.

Trumbull County Educational Service Center Office of Early Childhood is committed to providing high-quality comprehensive services and programs to prepare young children for lifelong learning.

Core Values
  • Recognize that all children are capable and competent learners.
  • Respect that all children are capable and competent learners.
  • Assist parent(s)/guardian(s) in understanding their role(s) as the child's first teacher.
  • In order to meet the needs of all children, provide developmentally appropriate instruction and effective programs wherever the setting.
  • Provide research-based, high-quality comprehensive and continuous professional development to educators of your children. 

Contact Information

Supervisor of early childhood education
Phone: 330-505-2800 ext. 137

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