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Parapro Testing

ESC Employees

Department of Human Resources 

Paraprofessional Internet Testing
TCESC administers an internet version of the Parapro Assessment in its office at 6000 Niles-Youngstown Road, Niles, Ohio  44446. You should be comfortable working on a computer. TCESC recommends that you complete the tutorial before taking the actual assessment. 

The cost is $80 (nonrefundable). This is payable by credit card on the day of the test. Individuals will not be able to take the test until payment has been received.

Arrangements for a testing date may be made by contacting TCESC's human resources office at 330.505.2800 ext 112.

General Testing Information
This computer-administered internet test contains the same questions as the paper and pencil version and requires the same amount of time.

  • To take internet test, individuals need a beginner’s level of computer skill. If you can use a mouse to click buttons, you have the appropriate skills. The computer displays one question at a time in the center of the screen. There is also a clock on the computer for your convenience. You can mark questions to review later.
  • Parapros may take the test every 30 days.
  • An unofficial score is available for printing immediately after the test. Official scores are reported approximately 2 weeks after the test date. The school district where the test was administered and Ohio’s Title 1 office will receive the scores. 
  • The testing administrator will provide one piece of 8.5 x 11 inch paper to each test taker. At the end of the test, the administrator will collect and destroy the scratch paper. 

  • There are no scheduled rest breaks during the session. 

  • Testing time is limited to 2 ½ hours.  

Identification Requirements
Each test taker must present acceptable photo identification that includes the test taker’s name, photograph and signature. Acceptable identification includes: 

  • Current, valid photo driver’s license.

  • Employment ID with a photograph on it.

  • Current valid passport.

  • Military identification.

  • Photo student ID accompanied by an additional photo or signature ID. 

Testing Guidelines
Individuals wishing to take the internet version of the Parapro Assessment must agree to abide by the following guidelines. Individuals cannot:

  • Use a telephone or cellular phone during the test session.

  • Leave the testing room during the test session.

  • Communicate in any manner with any person other than the testing administrator.

  • Create a disturbance or behave inappropriately.

  • Attempt to take the test for someone else.

  • Attempt to receive or provide assistance during the test session.

  • Attempt to tamper with the operation of the computer.

  • Use prohibited items such as compasses, calculators, protractors, rulers, watch alarms, beepers, pagers, dictionaries, translators, etc.

  • Attempt to remove test questions and/or responses from the testing room.

  • Fail to follow the test administrator’s directions.

  • Leave the testing room without permission.

  • Obtain improper access to the test, a part of the test or information about the test.

  • Allow family or friends in the testing room.

 If you have questions, please contact TCESC's human resources office at 330.505.2800 ext 112 or [email protected]

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