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Preschool Autism Program

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Research has clearly established that early intervention is a critical factor in an effective treatment program for children with autism spectrum disorder. In recognition of the value of early intervention, TCESC has developed a preschool classroom dedicated to serving preschool children with autism spectrum disorder.

  • The primary purpose of the class is to develop systems of learning to enable children to successfully transition to less restrictive preschool or school age programs.
  • This class allows for approximately 5 additional contact hours between the teacher/service provider and the children. TCESC’s preschool disabilities program offers approximately 20 hours of instructional time per week, while the autism preschool classroom offers 25 hours of instruction per week.
  • The classroom environment and teaching methods emphasize structure, visual supports and data-based interventions.
  • The teacher and classroom assistant in this preschool classroom are trained in a variety of  appropriate instructional methodologies, techniques and interventions including TEACCH, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Greenspan’s Floor Play, Sensory Integration and the Picture Exchange Communication System.
  • Individual programs are developed for each individual student.
  • Speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services are available to students in the classroom.
  • The classroom provides increased opportunities for one-on-one instruction and smaller child-adult ratio compared with existing preschool classes.
  • Training opportunities are available for parents regarding topics related to autism spectrum disorder such as communication disorders, Asperger Syndrome, pervasive development disorder, autism, etc.
  • Support is available from the TCESC Autism Consultation Team as well as from various other community agencies.
For additional information, please contact Kathy Vilsack, director of pupil services, at 330-505-2800 ext. 133 or [email protected].
Contact Information
Kathleen Vilsack
Director of Pupil Services
Office Phone
330-505-2800 ext 133

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