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Workshop & Staff Development Services

OT & PT Workshop and Staff Development Services
TCESC’s occupational therapy, physical therapy and adapted physical education programs can provide a variety of workshops and staff development services as outlined below. For additional information or to schedule a program, call 330-505-2800 extension 143.

Accessibility of school environments    
This program helps schools identify their accessibility needs. TCESC’s experts will review the different modifications available for access into and within the building as well as on school grounds. We will also provide standards as described in Americans with Disabilities Act.

Program Benefits:
  • Identify need for building adaptations.  
  • Determine type of modification necessary or accessibility.  
  • Ensure compliance with ADA standards.

Beyond Paper & Pencil: Alternate Forms of Written Communications
TCESC’s occupational therapists will review adaptive technology that can assist students who have fine motor and/or perceptual motor difficulties. They will help participants categorize technology by grade level as well as by the curriculum tasks that it supports.

Program Benefits:
  • Identify adaptive technology that supports classroom objectives and increases independence.
  • Utilize alternate teaching strategies or technology to enhance more efficient and  effective written communication.

Evacuation of Students with Mobility Impairment

Participants will learn proper procedures to evacuate a student with mobility impairments in the event of an emergency. This workshop can be customized to cover any school setting of concern including the school bus.

Program Benefits:
  • Utilize proper lift/handling techniques to avoid injury to self and student.
  • Develop a school evacuation plan for students with mobility problems.
  • Determine the safest and most effective method of evacuation.

 Fine Motor Development and its Effect on School Activities
This workshop will review typical development of the arm and hand as well as eye-hand coordination. Identifying common problems encountered in the classroom when development is delayed will be emphasized. The workshop will also focus on alternate teaching strategies and provide participants with tips to utilize simple, inexpensive adaptations to enhance handwriting, keyboarding, scissor work and other school related fine motor activities.

Program Benefits:
  • Analyze pencil grasps and determine if modification is necessary.                              
  • Identify correct posture for fine motor work.                           
  • Fabricate and utilize low tech adaptations to improve student success in fine motor skills.                                                              
  • Implement alternate handwriting curriculums.

Safe Lifting and Back Protection
This American Back School program teaches skills that can be used 24 hours-a- day to help greatly reduce the possibility of a back injury.  Classroom aides/assistants who are required to lift students as part of their job description would greatly benefit from this class.

Program Benefits:
  • Understand how the back is constructed and how it works.
  • Identify how to prevent back injury.
  • Learn proper lifting/transferring techniques.

Sensory Strategies for the Classroom
Sensory systems will be reviewed and practical ideas will be provided to help students with sensory motor concerns more effectively participate in the school environment.

Program Benefits:
  • Identify behaviors indicative of sensory motor dysfunction.
  • Identify strategies to enhance classroom performance.
  • Enable students to monitor and change their behavior more independently.

Safe Transportation of Students with Special Needs
This program reviews basic safety principles that must be followed when transporting students who use wheelchairs as well as those who have special needs on the school bus. Topics of discussion include: use of tie downs and occupant restraint systems; use of the lift; safe seating; accessory equipment; and procedural considerations when dealing with medical issues.

Program Benefits:
  • Utilizing best practice principles to make individual transportation plans for students with special needs.
  • Establishing a strong team to guide transportation decisions.

Contact Information

Susan Shutrump, supervisor, at 330-505-2800 ext. 143 or

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