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Students homeschooled in Trumbull County must submit a Home Education Notification Form to the Trumbull County Educational Service Center. This pertains to students who live in the following school districts: Bloomfield-Mespo; Bristol, Brookfield; Champion, Girard; Howland; Hubbard; Joseph Badger; LaBrae; Lakeview; Liberty; Lordstown; Mathews; Maplewood; McDonald; Newton Falls, Southington, and Weathersfield. Students residing in Niles or Warren City school districts should contact these districts directly for a notification form.

Homeschooling notifications are required for all students in grades kindergarten through 12.

Individuals should notify their home district by filling out the notification form before the opening of the school year. Notifications are accepted year-round for students who leave the school district to begin homeschooling mid-year.

Homeschooled students cannot receive a state-issued high school diploma after completing grade 12.


For a student to be excused for a succeeding year, an assessment must be completed for each child, with documentation provided at the time of the subsequent notification.

If a student returns to the public school district, the school district’s superintendent has the right to have the student assessed and placed in the grade level that corresponds with the assessment.


The Home Education Notification Form for Trumbull County Students is available online by clicking the link in the upper right corner of this screen. This notification is only suitable for the current school year. A new notice must be completed each school year. 

Questions Regarding Homeschooling, please contact...
Joshua Guthrie - C& I Supervisor 
Email: [email protected]
Trumbull County Educational Service Center
6000 Youngstown Warren Rd.  
Niles, OH  44446-4603
Phone: 330-505-2800, ext. 132

Support Groups

Trumbull County
Trumbull Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers (TEACH
Contact: Amy Sayre 330-719-4127

Lawrence County

New Castle Area Homeschoolers

Contact: Shirley Schafer 724-654-5420

Contact Information

Joshua Guthrie

Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor

[email protected]

330-505-2800 ext. 132

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