Trumbull County ESC News Article

Skilled Trades Show


Students across Trumbull County received hands-on experience at the Mahoning Valley Skilled Trades Expo. Students had the opportunity to explore a variety of trades, including bricklaying, carpentry, pipefitting, sheet metal fabrication, and many others. The two-day event reaches thousands of students across six counties to showcase the opportunities going into a skilled trade presented to graduates.

“The goal is to create that pathway that memorable experience for them, giving students something else to think about,” said Gary Hartman, Association Service Director. “Even if we are not snagging them right out of high school, life happens, and people change careers; maybe a day like today is something they remember 5 to 6 years from now and say, hey, I want to try that.”

Students ranging from 7th to 12th grade took part in exploring these opportunities. Antonio D’avanzo, a junior at McDonald High School, said the event is eye-opening, “Getting the ability to learn new things is amazing, and even if you don’t plan to go into this field, it's always nice to have something on the back burner.”

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