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TCESC School Psychologist Awarded

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Trumbull County Educational Service Center School Psychologist Alanna Bebech has been recognized as the recipient of the 2022 Ohio School Psychologist Association (OSPA) Early Career Award. This honor is to acknowledge the accomplishments of school psychologists in the first five years of their career. According to the OSPA, the recipient is committed to promoting school psychology, research, and advocacy. Bebech received the award at the OSPA Fall Conference in Columbus.

“School Psychologist is one of my favorite titles that I hold,” said Bebech. “Every single day, I am able to see growth and change within students and staff members alike; few other jobs allow for that. To be recognized by my colleagues and organization makes me want to dive deeper and to continue to find new and different ways to serve our students in Trumbull County to make sure they all shine.”


After watching her mom work in the pupil service field for numerous years under different roles, Bebech learned that people learn and see things differently at a very young age. “ I wanted to find the why and find different options to better address students’ needs, which led me directly to School Psychology. I thrive on human interaction and opportunities to connect and grow, and this field incorporates these qualities and more to create a field full of passion for students, educators, and families. School Psychologists are people-oriented, compassionate, empathetic, resourceful, and change agents, which is exactly what I aspire to be every day,” said Bebech.


“Alanna is a leader and an integral part of the TCESC School Psychology Department,” said Melanie Shipman, TCESC School Psychology Supervisor. “ Alanna has risen to the top because she is positive, collaborative, hard-working, and driven to support students.”



Bebech has been a school psychologist with the TCESC since 2017.

Pictured is Deborah Bjelac, a retired TCESC School Psychologist and Alanna's mentor, Alanna Bebech, and Dr. Richard VanVoorhis, Youngstown State University School Psychology.

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