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Chat GPT & AI Technology


The Trumbull County ESC collaborated with the  Hamilton County ESC on Thursday, March 23rd, for a professional development session for principals and C&I supervisors to learn about the benefits and things to look for in Chat GPT, a new wave of artificial intelligence technology. Chat GPT is a machine-learning model that simulates human intelligence processes, such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

“AI won't replace you, but a person using it will”

During the session, Rebecca Dwenger and Jennifer Haller from HCESC provided an overview of the history of AI and demonstrated how it's already being used in our daily lives. The focus was on how educators can use Chat GPT to assist them in their teaching and what they should remember when using it.

One important thing to note is that Chat GPT is a tool that helps generate ideas, but it does not understand the subject matter itself. By learning about Chat GPT, Trumbull County principals and C&I supervisors will be better equipped to support teachers in integrating this technology into their instruction and help improve student outcomes.

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