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Scholarship Recognition

Trumbull County high school seniors were honored at the 2024 Scholarship and Recognition Breakfast on Friday, May 3, at the Avalon Country Club - The Grand Resort. Hosted by the Trumbull County Educational Service Center Governing Board, the event awarded nearly $40,000 in scholarships.
Among the recipients was Kailey Ague from Liberty School District, who received the $2,500 Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award. Additionally, district-level Franklin B. Walter Award winners received $500 textbook scholarships.
District-Level Winners of the Franklin B. Walter Award ($500 Textbook Award):
Leah Brazofsky - Bloomfield - Mespo
Ethan Probst - Lakeview
Christina Haycox - Bristol
Carly DeBernardo - Lordstown
Emily Kasiewicz - Brookfield
Caleigh Richards - Maplewood
Cooper White - Champion
Hailey Barrickman - Mathews
Christopher Cardiero - Girard
Megan Klockner - McDonald
Jane Bronson - Howland
Emilia Colosimo - Newton Falls
Ashley Rodgers - Hubbard
Kennedy Barrell - Niles McKinley
Molly O’Brien - Joseph Badger
Ava Westenfelder - Southington
Emily Sewell - LaBrae
Nathan James - Warren
Faith Schneider - Weathersfield
Stanley L. and Grace A. Woofter Scholarship ($2,000):
Skylar Scarnecchia – Champion
Aidan Thompson - Lordstown
First Place Community Fund Scholarship ($1,000):
Leah Brazofsky - Bloomfield - Mespo
Jayden Miller - Bristol
Emily Kasiewicz - Brookfield
Cooper White - Champion
Molly Durkin - Girard
Jane Bronson - Howland
Christina Badurik - Hubbard
Malena Crosby - Joseph Badger
Christian Haught - LaBrae
Elizabeth Fazekas - Lakeview
Aidan Baumeier - Liberty
Carly DeBernardo - Lordstown
David Brown - Maplewood
Ella Vlosich - Mathews
Megan Klockner - McDonald
Caitlynn Grimm - Newton Falls
Katelyn Heinselman - Niles McKinley
Ava Westenfelder - Southington
Braden Davenport - TCTC
Mia Jones - Warren City
Samantha Berzonski - Warren JFK
Madison Svirbly - Weathersfield
Trumbull County Superintendents’ Association Scholarship ($500)
Cameron Thornhill - Howland
2024 Art Show Scholarship Winner ($500 The Love Life Foundation Art Scholarship): Aubrey Panigall - Hubbard

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