Trumbull County ESC News Article

2024 High School Prep Bowl

Congratulations to the Champion High School Prep Bowl team for winning the 2024 TCESC High School Prep Bowl! The group, composed of Channing Fox, Hayes Yocum, Buddy Wilson, and Tanner Quinby, and led by Coach Maria Magiassos, secured victory in an extremely close contest, edging out Hubbard 58 to 57. Congratulations to both Champion and Hubbard for a fantastic day of competition.

The Hubbard Eagles, led by Coach Chris Moriarty, included Gavin Mesmer, Connor Tolle, Caroline Capuzello, Ava Gomez, Jackson Corbett, Caleb Schindell, and Danny Scarmack.
A total of 15 teams from Trumbull County participated in the competition on the 20th. The Elementary Prep Bowl competition will take center stage in two weeks on February 3rd, back at Lordstown High School.

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