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YSU Student Teacher Workshop


On Thursday, January 4th, a gathering of more than 70 prospective educators from Youngstown State University convened at the Trumbull County Educational Service Center (TCESC) for a day of enriching seminars aimed at preparing them for the dynamic landscape of modern education.

The day commenced with an invigorating session featuring Tim Schaffner, Executive Director of Trumbull County Children Services. Mr. Schaffner collaborated with the aspiring teachers, providing valuable insights into trauma-informed care, overcoming barriers to learning, and addressing the critical aspect of mandated reporting for new educators.

Throughout the day, the teacher candidates immersed themselves in a diverse array of seminars, exploring topics such as innovative classroom teaching strategies, effective technology integration, and collaborative ideas to establish meaningful connections with students. The event served as a platform for these future educators to gain valuable knowledge and skills to excel in their upcoming roles.

A highlight of the day included a networking session in the afternoon, where the group had the opportunity to engage with administrators from 11 Trumbull County school districts. This interaction allowed the candidates to pose questions, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the exciting opportunities that await them as they prepare to step into their roles in just a few short weeks.

Robert Marino Jr., Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The landscape of employment opportunities in education has reached unprecedented heights, and it's truly inspiring to witness a growing number of individuals filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to embark on a fulfilling journey in the field."

Heather Wukelich, TCESC - Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor, echoed the sentiment, saying, "It's truly exciting to witness this large group of young individuals eager to engage in education and mold the minds of our emerging youth, particularly in these times when the demand for educators is crucial. We are witnessing a remarkable commitment to shaping the future."

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